Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 9 Reunion Part 2

1) Kandi donated $5k to Porsha’s charity of choice whilst on Celebrity Apprentice – but Phaedra contributed $10k

Whilst Kandi was trying to prove that she has always supported Porsha, she divulged that she sponsored Porsha $5k during her stint on celebrity apprentice. It also came to light that Phaedra sponsored Porsha $10k for the same cause, divulged by none other than Phaedra herself. No doubt that’s Shady Phae Phae’s way of getting one up on Kandi.

2) Why did Kenya give Matt so many chances?

We all wondered why Matt got so many chances given the way her treated Kenya? Did she need a storyline? That’s pretty much what Andy insinuated when Andy grilled her, and judging by Frick & Frack’s faces, they couldn’t have been happier that Andy took Kenya to task on it.

3) Kenya gets her kicks in the car

Andy really did grill Kenya on this one and boy are we glad – not so squeaky clean Kenya got her leg over in the car. Thanks to Matt for spilling those beans!

4) Kenya got herself a new man – but apparently that little bean was only between her and Andy

Things got kinda awkward when Andy revealed that Kenya has a new boyfriend, and pushed her to confirm, to which Kenya responded “that was between you and I”. Andy’s so frickin shady, but we love it!

5) Matt knows how to stir the pot

No doubt in an attempt to provoke Kenya and stir up some drama between her and Porsha, it was revealed that Kenya’s ex, Matt, had recently posted a #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) pic of Porsha on Instagram. Obviously we love that the Insta pic was brought up but on the flip side, kind of a weak move from Matt? No?

6) Apollo banked $100k in his divorce settlement from Phaedra

Phaedra revealed that Apollo got $100k from her in their divorce settlement – seems kinda stingy given Ms Parks has probably got a few million in the bank? But the question still remains, is it even true? A lot of us are still confused as to whether the divorce has actually been finalised.

7) Andy might have hooked Phaedra up on the dating scene

When asked if she was back in the dating game, Phaedra unsurprisingly gave very little away. But she did drop a nugget in Andy’s lap when she thanked him for introducing her to Shemar Moore when she appeared alongside him on Andy’s latenight chat show, WWHL. If you haven’t already seen it, head over to the WWHL YouTube page to watch Shemar trying to be slick on Phaedra.

8) Phaedra tried to stop Kandi & Todd’s OLG restaurant from opening

It was pretty obvious that Phaedra had been trying to dig dirt up on the Old Lady Gang when Kandi accused her of calling her friends down at the city office to make sure all the relevant licenses has been obtained in time for the grand opening. And her defense wasn’t that convincing either.

9) Phaedra still aint winning no cases & is bad at basic maths

“No wonder you aint wining no cases” – Kandi to Phaedra. A low blow but a bloody good one. Phaedra’s rough calculation that Jonny (Kandi’s ex -employee who is now trying to sue her) was only paid around $2.03 an hour whilst he was employed by Kandi left us shocked when we saw it air on the show. Kandi was having none of that and she sure let Phaedra know. GURL HI.

10) Phaedra got all the charges dropped against DJ Drama

DJ Drama, an ex-client of Phaedra’s that allegedly tried to blow her up the fuck up at her office, had all of the charges against him dropped. Revealed by Phaedra at the reunion, it seems only right he had the charges dropped? I mean, he was only trying to drop some CD’s off, right?

11) Porsha was sorry for spilling the beans that Phaedra’s divorce was finalised

When asked by Andy if she realised that she had spilled the beans to the other ladies, Porsha fessed up and apologised to Phaedra for doing so. Wonder if she would be so apologetic to the other ladies if she’d done bad by any of them? Porsha, Phaedra be pulling your strings gurl – you her puppet.

12) Phaedra and Apollo’s divorce is finalised, according to Phaedra

12/07/16 is allegedly the date that their divorce was finalised, according to the court documents submitted by Attorney Parks. Kenya called her bluff and claimed that the documents provided by Ms Parks weren’t infact the final documents. I think we’re all kinda confuse as to whether Phaedra and Apollo are actually divorced. Kinda disappointing that Andy didn’t get that one confirmed given it’s been Phaedra’s storyline the past few seasons.

13) Cynthia don’t pay her employees either

Cynthia might have a law suit on her hands if she doesn’t give Kairo the Target Cargo bag she promised him in return for walking in her fashion show. Kandi, can you hook Cynthia up with your employment lawyer?

14) Nicki Minaj is down with the housewives, one in particular

It kinda made for uncomfortable viewing when Riley was in the studio recording her new song – mainly because she quite clearly didn’t wanna be there. But alas it was all worth it when Nicki Minaj allegedly congratulated her for her new song on Instagram. Go Riley! We still think Kandi is a pushy Momma – sorry Kandi, no shade.

15) Xscape are reuniting

According to Kandi, plans are in the pipeline for Xscape to do a reunion tour and possibly even a biographical movie about the band – much like the VH1 movie CrazySexyCool about TLC’s rise to fame and fall to bankruptcy.

16) Sheree has a vulnerable side

We really really felt for Sheree when it was unexpectedly revealed on the show that she’d suffered abuse at the hands of her ex-husband, Bob. It was even more moving when she opened up about it after 10 years of silence at the reunion. Sheree admitted that she still hasn’t discussed it with her kids. Gurl, the cats out the bag now – go talk to your kids about it.


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