Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 9 Reunion Part 3

1) Peter still wants himself a peach

From schooling Bob on his behaviour towards Sheree to his thirsty exit off set, it’s real obvious Peter is still working for that peach. He made sure everyone knew how disgusted he was with Bob’s comments towards Sheree, so much so that he wants to punch him in the face. He quizzed both Porsha and Phaedra on their love lives and made some pretty wack ass comments. And in a last ditch attempt for that peach, he stormed off stage ‘cos the BS from Frick & Frack was just too overwhelming for him. Bye Peter, don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

2) Cynthia didn’t know how to be married

Gurl, we know, it’s been your storyline every season

3) Sheree is done with Bob

When asked if there was any possibility of her and Bob getting back together, Sheree reluctantly said that the door is closed – but do we believe her? Sheree aint stupid, she knows Bob was a big part of her comeback, or as she calls it, a “takeover”. If she finally closes the door on Bob, will she also be closing the door on those cheques?

4) Kandi is working things out with her baby daddy

Reunions tend to be pretty vile, so it’s nice when we hear good news from a housewife. And lord knows, Kandi could do with a more cheerful storyline this season – it made us smile when she revealed that Block is building bridges with Block.

5) Porsha DID sleep with Block

The words ” I slept with Bloc” didn’t exactly come out of her mouth but they kinda didn’t really need to either – she didn’t deny it when asked by Andy and also referred to it as a “fact” when going back and forth with Kandi.

6) Frick lost her friendship with Shamea over Frack

Turns out Porsha and Shamea aint so BFF no more – they haven’t spoken since the infamous scene aired where Porsha pretty much co-signed everything Phaedra was saying about Shamea’s relationship with Kandi and Todd.

7) Andy be throwin’ shade

As the founder of the franchise, we all know he’s the King of Shade – and it always seems to be directed at Kenya. He shut her down when she repeatedly interrupted Porsha’s apology to Shamea. Give Kenya her dues though, she stood her ground.

8) Frick and Frack speak every day

According to Frick & Frack they’re always blowing up each other’s phones. However, according to Shamea the frequent contact must be a recent development cos’ she seemed pretty sure that wasn’t the case when she was around. Gurl got downgraded in the BFF stakes and now she mad.

9) Kandi took a dip in the lady pond

Not more than 10 girls, but we’ll hear more about that on Kandi Coded Nights. But hold up, why didn’t Andy ask Porsha about her hookups with girls?

10) The feds are still watching Phaedra

Todd reckons the streets are still buzzing with talk of Fraudulent Phaedra – apparently the feds are still watching her after she was cleared of any involvement in Apollo’s scam artistry that landed him an extended stay at Lexington prison.

11) Porsha used to bash the gays

After she threw lesbian accusations at Kandi all season, it’s no wonder Kandi retaliated at the reunion by resurfacing Porsha’s homophobic past. Although Porsha apologised back in 2014 for the footage of her delivering a sermon which stated that gays and lesbians need to be “saved”, we’re still wondering if if she’s truly sorry given the way she’s been throwing those lesbian drug rape rumours around all season.

12) There was more than one kiss between Kandi & Porsha

Catch that tea? Kandi revealed that there was more than one kiss that night and Porsha actually invited Kandi and Todd back to her hotel. Kandi declined.

13) Phaedra told Porsha that Kandi wanted to drug her

It was shady Phae Phae all along – she was the one that told Porsha that Kandi allegedly wanted to drug her. Porsha revealed that she was served a gagging order by Kandi so she couldn’t speak on the matter, so she handed over to Phaedra. Stay tuned to watch the rest unravel.

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