Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 9 Reunion Part 4

1) Phaedra is a liar

The only reason Porsha accused Kandi & Todd of planning to drug and rape her was because Phaedra told her that she’d heard this from none other than Kandi herself. When asked by Andy why she told Porsha that, Phaedra responded “I repeated it cos I heard it”, but not from Kandi. Much to Porsha’s shock, who believed this had come straight from Kandi, Phaedra’s lies started to unravel. Turns out Phaedra confirmed this to Porsha on three separate occasions.

2) Porsha’s still a bit dumb

Things got pretty heated between the cast in Hawaii, so when Kandi was pleading to Phaedra to back her up, it must have crossed Porsha’s itty bitty tiny little brain that something didn’t quite add up. If Kandi had told Phaedra that she had planned to drug Porsha and take advantage of her, why would she look to Phaedra to have her back? If you were Porsha, wouldn’t you have asked Phaedra why she didn’t call Kandi out? Porsha, you got playyyyyed.

3) Porsha’s got the receipts

We wanna see them! When Porsha failed to get Phaedra to fess up she let us all know that she’s got the receipts to prove that she said Kandi told her first hand. So where are the receipts? Porsha, we still thirsty for them receipts gurl.

4) The end is nigh on Fakedra’s law career

Her defense to being behind the drug and rape rumours ranged from “I repeated it cos I heard it” to “I don’t remember saying that“, to which Andy pointed out none of those responses would hold up in a court of law. Isn’t she supposed to be a successful law attorney? All those degrees and she couldn’t come up with a more convincing defense? Kandi got it right – no wonder she don’t win no cases.

5) Shamea is nearly as thirsty as Peter

Looks like Peter has got some stiff competition for that peach. Shamea’s running criticism of Phaedra drowned out Andy and the rest of the cast at times and quite frankly, it felt more like an audition for a peach. And she managed to scrape more screen time by hovering in pretty much everyone’s dressing room during the break. Do we think Andy sent her home cos she was too extra? Gurl, were perched on the end of that couch for a reason.

6) Kandi checked Andy

As Andy did his rounds of the housewives’ dressing rooms, he probably wasn’t expecting Kandi to pop off on him. As he entered her dressing room, Kandi immediately asked him “What do you think about that“, to which Andy kinda awkwardly responded “What do you mean“. That was it for Kandi, she popped off! “WHAT DO I MEAN? What did you think when Phaedra sat there and admitted that she said it?”. All he could say was that he was “shocked“. Andy might do the hiring and firing but Kandi aint afraid to check him if he don’t come correct.

7) So why did Phaedra actually start the rumour?

She claims she was merely repeating information that was brought to her, but the source was never disclosed. The streets are saying that Phaedra was actually given the tea by one of the producers, Carlos King, who coincidentally won’t be returning for season 10. But Andy aint gona let Phaedra drag producers down with her, so even if it is true tea, we won’t be hearing about it on RHOA. Either way, shady Phae Phae showed very little remorse for her part in the rumour and didn’t even try to come up with a convincing motive. Just as well she knows how to bury the dead, cos she put the final nail in that coffin.

8) Marvin from Chicago is getting so much playyyyyy

A RHOA fan named Marvin from Chicago wrote into Bravo to pass on his thanks onto Todd for making the name Marvin sexy again. Hey Marvin, you should be thanking Phaedra really, she’s the one who started that rumour too. Turns out Todd was never in New York pretending to be a Mr Marvin ‘cos he aint been back there without Kandi since his Momma sadly passed away.

9) Phaedra’s restoration service is kinda ironic now, right?

She wanted to restore the ladies to good faith whilst she pawning Porsha and trying to checkmate Kandi. Oh Phaedra, just as well your Momma is a pastor ‘cos gurl you got some repentin’ to do.

10) Kandi has got a $168k lawsuit on her hands

With the help of the shadiest attorney in the land, Miss Shaedra Parks, Kandi is being sued by her former employee Johnnie for a staggering $168k, in unpaid overitime. Phaedra claims Johnnie was paid around $2.30 an hour, something which Kandi vehemently denies.

11) Angela Stanton’s book sales probably just went up

Although Phaedra claims she sued and won her case against Angela Stanton, the lady who wrote a tell all book on Ms Parks, it seems the book is still out there. Kandi pointed out that it can’t have been that much of a victory cos the book is still out there for public consumption. Another case you didn’t win Phaedra?

12) Kandi still got bones on Phaedra

Phaedra still denies that she was dating anyone before Apollo went to prison. But Kandi sounds like she knows that aint true tea. She told Phaedra that she didn’t want to “run her all the way down” when asked by Andy about Mr. Chocolate. Phaedra finally came clean that there was a man she was in contact with but apparently she’s never met him. And it wasn’t Mr. Chocolate, those texts were from her girlfriend, White Chocolate. About as believable as Kenya’s “relationship” with Walter.

13) Kandi is kind of a hypocrite

She called NeNe out for being a bad friend when she dished all the dirt on her alleged BFF Cynthia after they fell out. But as a fan pointed out, she did exactly the same to Phaedra this season. She spilled all the beans on Phaedra’s extra curricular activities whilst she was still married to Apollo. As much as we like you Kandi, this viewers kinda got it right. Pot kettle black.

14) Cynthia is 50

There were so many low notes during this reunion that it needed to end on a high note. And it did. Happy birthday Cynthia, you still killin’ it gurl.

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